We offer professional¬†Music Artist Development¬†for solo and group acts of various genres. While working with us, you will work with Grammy-nominated and established songwriters, musicians, arrangers, producers, and top industry music professionals and music consultants who will help you develop your repertoire through songwriting, co-writing, demo’ing music, pre-production, production, and post production services. We also align with the recording/recording studios, musicians, engineers, musical programmers, background session singer recordings, etc., for a final EP or full album that can be shopped to head A&R’s at record labels. We then take it a step further by scheduling and project managing the photo-shoots, personal branding, and develop your online presence with professional websites and social media management, music video and PR. For select artists, we further provide Music Career Consulting and Exclusive Management, representing the artist as a singer, composer, and/or recording artist to further their career; attend meetings and events with industry tastemakers in an attempt to further the artists career.